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Mid-life Celebration: Your Choices At 40 And Beyond

Contrary to what many women think based on unfounded fears, mid-life is actually the time to celebrate and not a period of going through depression. Forget about the mid-life crisis that has always been exaggerated, majority of people in their 40s are many times happier than they were in their 30s or 20s. A study by the University of Alberta confirms that majority of 40-somethings are actually celebrating mid-life because they now find many reasons to do so. Previously, things may have been different especially for women as they were often sidelined despite their valuable experiences and knowledge.

Mid-life opportunity

By 40 you have already fully become aware of who you are and are more responsible to make wise decisions. At this age you can take any challenge, fully aware of the fact that if you can’t do it now then you probably won’t do it later. At your mid-life, you have the perfect opportunity to appreciate yourself, family, work, friends and relationships. You should now be able to clearly identify the priorities you should fully commit yourself to in order to realize your dreams. For most of us women, we would even be happier getting healthier, physically fit and looking good. You can afford to recommit yourself on growing your achievements in these areas. Mid-life celebration is about keeping your dreams alive and doing what makes you happier, so don’t be holding back to regret or lament on things you still have an opportunity to accomplish.

Family and work

At your forties, chances are that you have fully settled down into family life. Assuming you entered into marriage about a decade ago, you have overcome the most turbulent times and from now on things are calm. If you haven’t entered into a divorce by now, you are not likely going to have that experience. Instead, you have learned to appreciate your partner and children better than before. Even before hitting 40, chances are that you have already achieved a healthier work-life balance and probably get paid better for your experience. Maybe you quit a job that denied you happiness and started your own business to secure your financial future. If things are much lighter and you enjoy such benefits, treating your loved ones to vacations or just spending more time doing any stuff you like with them can only make your mid-life a period of celebrations and happiness.

Friends and relationships

Your social network by 40 must only be remaining with the most genuine kind of friends. Only the closest of your friends are worth your time and you shouldn’t mind what everyone else thinks about you. The ability to better prioritize your relationships will make your life much easier with less distractions. At 40 you don’t want to jump onto every invitation you get because you know your priorities.

Health and fitness

When you were your in your twenties or early thirties, you could easily ignore some healthy lifestyle choices. But by 40 you already appreciate such choices and that makes you happier. Now you don’t exercise against your will and don’t find it fun to experience prolonged hangovers. Your health and fitness choices are more deliberate because you know the benefits you reap are worth celebrating. At 40, you are also more likely to find it easier investing in more decent makeup and skincare products that make you look good.

Times have changed and mid-life for women is obviously not what it used to be. Mid-life celebration is the new reality you should experience as a woman. As long as you appreciate your sense of awareness and worthiness, the choices you make at 40 will greatly contribute towards your happiness more than ever before.

Things I’ve learned by 40

One morning when I was brushing my teeth in front of the mirror almost took me by surprise when I saw the real me without makeup. My looks seemed unpleasant and not as youthful as I was in my thirties. I went on with brushing my teeth and after finishing grinned on the mirror. My teeth were not pleasant either, it was clear that I was losing the milky white color I had in my youthful years. Guess the yellowness was from the many years of smoking and indulging in wine for most of my adult years. Missing out on my exercise routine and poor practice of basic beauty tips was not favoring me either. My smile lines, dull skin, bulging tummy, saddlebags and underarm flabbiness could tell it all. The feeling that age is cropping on you is quite scary but with the many anti-aging procedures and techniques today, I knew I could turn things around and slow the aging clock. Here are several healthy choices that I’ve adapted and they seem to be working for me as I feel and look great.

exerciseRegular exercise

Balancing my busy work schedule and workout routine was challenging but I knew I had to exercise more to tone my lax muscles underneath my wrinkling skin, and probably make some changes related to my skin care. At 40, I was fit enough to take cardiovascular exercises. Biking or swimming for 20 minutes thrice per week has seen me lose considerable amounts of fat on my tummy, thighs and arms. My muscles are firmer and skin on them seems tighter. I also do strength exercises for 10 minutes daily to stay fit. With the help of my exercise instructor, I can safely workout several muscle groups for a general good look.

Keen makeup use

Now let’s go over some of the changes I realised I had to make related to my skin care routine. Putting more makeup is not the trick to looking young. Makeup however hides unpleasant age spots. For an elegant yet young look, consider using foundations that deflect light. This has worked for me better than glimmer makeup that has unnatural look for an older woman of my age. Pulling out white hair strands is not advisable as it spoils the hair follicle. Doing some hair color to conceal your white strands is not a bad idea. Improvement on my haircut was a good trick that took years off may face. If you choose to have a new hair cut, ensure that your hairdresser balances out your head, face and body to maintain proportion.

Teeth whitening

A few trips to my dentist’s office have improved the yellowness on my teeth. If your teeth are badly off like worn-out or shortened, consider having permanent solutions such as veneers since bleaching and whitening toothpastes are only temporary solutions. A white, sweet smile looks good on women of all ages.

Wrinkle treatment

Surgery and harsh wrinkle-treatments were not an option for my aging skin. I considered incorporating non-ablative methods to improve my nasolabial folds. Laser treatment improved my smile lines and I’ve been using a dermaroller. Both laser and the derma roller help regenerate collagen for skin elasticity. I also started using skin care products with wrinkle-smoothing and fine line plumbing effect such as alpha-hydroxy acid-based serums and moisturizers with hyaluronic acid.

Healthy lifestyle

After improving the fine lines around my mouth, I stopped smoking and the results still look amazing. My skin is also more radiant compared to my smoking years. Smoking adds years on your general look considering the numerous carcinogens it has. The sun’s ultra-violet rays age the skin quickly. I use sunscreen with SPF 30 whenever I have to expose my skin to the sun. After cutting down on sugars, caffeine and dairy products, I feel great and look young. Following this healthy choice, being confidence and keeping up good posture adds up to the seemingly never ending youthfulness.