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My Experience Using A Derma Roller For 30 Days

A friend recommended me this brand, but there are others!

When I first heard about a derma roller, I thought it was just like all the other treatments I had previously tried in vain to get rid of scars, stretch marks and wrinkles from my face. My self-esteem couldn’t have been lower, while I was also getting frustrated that nothing seemed to work for me. Throughout my 20s, I had struggled with acne and it left me with some unsightly scars. By mid 30s, fine wrinkles had already checked in while my nasolabial lines were also getting deeper. Every time I stepped in front a mirror didn’t like my appearance at all. I knew many other people in their mid 30s and even 40s that were youthful in appearance. Since then, I have tried chemical peels, laser treatments and many other solutions. Sadly, none of those treatments improved my appearance at all despite all the money I burnt.

I recently turned 48 and decided not to give up on my quest for a more youthful appearance. Fortunately for me, now I have realized results worth smiling about just after 30 days of trying a derma roller. A good friend of mine suggested derma rolling to me and I decided to give it a try. I went for the 0.7mm derma roller size because I feared anything larger than that would be too painful. The cylindrical drum of the device studded with its fine needles still appeared very intimidating, but I had already made up my mind and nothing was going to stop me.

For the first session of micro-needling with my derma roller, I started from the area of the face near the ears then moved inch by inch over the cheeks towards the nasolabial folds. I was moving the roller in a crisscrossing manner just to make sure that every part of the skin was effectively covered. I covered the chin area and worked my way up around the lips, then around the eyes but not too close. I definitely had to micro-needle the fine crow’s feet then up the nose area to the frown lines. From that point I continued derma rolling upwards, covered the forehead lines and the surrounding area including the hairline.

When I was through with derma rolling, my facial skin was left looking reddish as an indication of some mild bleeding that was taking place. I immediately started applying my cosmetic serum over the entire face to help start stimulating natural stem cells. I felt a lot of heat on the skin after the serum application, but I was already aware that was to be expected. At this point I could only leave the skin to start healing and hoped for the results. I waited for a period of 3 weeks before a repeat derma rolling session.

By the end of the 3-week period, the change on my facial looks was significant and visible to people around me. That had never happened before with all the other treatments I had tried. The scars were noticeably fading away and I could also tell that my fine lines, stretch marks and wrinkles were improving. These results to me were amazing and I could only expect more to come after the second session. Now it’s only a week after the micro-needling for the second time. The healing is happening much faster than expected and I know in two weeks time will realize great outcomes. That’s my 30-day experience of using a derma roller in only 2 sessions. I will know if more sessions are needed at the end of the next 2 weeks, but I can only expect to share great results with you once again.